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What is Silktide?
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Silktide is a comprehensive web governance platform and the #1 website quality management platform ( for understanding and improving websites at scale.

Silktide automatically scans your websites for spelling and grammar errors, checks for accessibility compliance, data privacy, search engine optimization, and suggests improvements for overall user experience.

Why Silktide?

Managing large websites can be challenging and issues with content quality, consistency and accessibility are bound to arise.

This is where Silktide steps in. It acts as a guardian by detecting issues, enforcing your guidelines, and providing automatic feedback to your website contributors and team leads.

The benefits of Silktide

With Silktide, you can streamline your website management and content quality review processes into one system.

This allows you to:

  • Spot and fix website issues quickly

  • Maintain consistency across your websites

  • Ensure all contributors adhere to your guidelines

  • Make rapid changes with confidence

  • Measure and track your progress over time with easy-to-share Reports

What Silktide does

Silktide tests your websites across all key aspects of a modern website โ€“ from accessibility to GDPR compliance, to mobile performance and content readability.

You can even design your own checks (Policies) to meet custom requirements.

The primary testing areas covered by Silktide are:

Silktide also offers reporting and task management tools, including:

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