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What are Annotations?
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Annotations are custom tasks that can be created and assigned to users.

You can use annotations to easily communicate required changes on your web pages with other team members. For example, you might want to create an annotation to suggest design or imagery changes with your design team, or changes to specific pieces of content for your content editors.

How to create an annotation

To create a new annotation, click on the Annotate button at the top of any page while viewing it inside the inspector.

Click on area of the page you want to discuss, add a short title and description, then optionally prioritize and/or assign the task to a user.

How to view all open annotations

To view a list of open annotations, open the Tasks screen and click on the Annotations tab.

To view the annotation details, click on the annotation name. This will open the inspector showing the highlighted part of the page and task details for quick viewing.

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