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What are Tasks
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The Tasks screen will show you the complete list of Checks and Annotations across all website reports that you have access to.

To get to the Tasks screen, click on Tasks at the top of the page:

What are Checks?

Checks include all default Silktide tasks, as well as any custom checks (Policies) that have been set up for your websites.

From the Tasks screen, you will find a prioritized list of all checks across all modules, for every website that you have access to.

To view which websites have outstanding issues for a particular check, click on the check name to expand and view:

What are Annotations?

Annotations are custom tasks that can be created and assigned to users from inside the visual inspector. You can use annotations to communicate necessary changes on your web pages with other website stakeholders.

For example, you may want to create an annotation to suggest design or imagery changes with your design team, or changes to specific pieces of content for your content editors.

Clicking on the Annotate button at the top of the inspector will allow you to select and highlight the part of the page you want to bring attention to.

Once you’ve selected the part of the page that requires attention, you can create a custom task, leave additional comments and optionally assign the task to a user.

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