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Understanding your website report
Understanding your website report
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A website report contains all scores and issue details for the website or selection of pages being tested.

Any issues found will be detailed within the following modules:

After selecting a website from the Websites screen, you will find a website overview screen containing your overall module scores, a list of highest priority issues to resolve, and the total number of pages tested in this report.

To start, select the module you’d like to begin working in.

Once inside the module, you will find a module overview screen detailing the key scores, issues, and trend graphs for this module.

This screen will provide you with a high level overview on how the pages inside this website report are performing for this particular module.

To begin working through the issues Silktide has found, select the Checks link in the navigation menu on the left.

The Checks screen will show you every issue and task in this module for this website. Selecting any check will take you to the check details screen.

From inside a check's details screen, you’ll find an easy-to-understand description of the problem as well as a prioritized table showing all issues Silktide found on this website for this check.

Once you’re ready to start fixing an issue, select the magnifying glass icon to open the Silktide Inspector to view the issue in context on the web page.

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