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What are checks?

Checks are the individual tests that Silktide performs on web pages. For example, 'Check and fix misspellings' is a check that happens inside the Content module.

What is the checks screen?

Each module, such as Content or Accessibility, will contain its own checks screen with a prioritized list of issues relevant to that module.

The Checks screen shows you every issue Silktide found while testing a particular website or group of pages.

For each check in the checks list, Silktide will show you the:

  • Title: this is the name of the check.

  • Assignees: the list of any user or user roles the check has been assigned to.

  • Impact: the overall impact that this check’s found issues are having on your scores.

  • Priority: the priority of the check displayed as a shape icon to the left of the check.

How to filter checks

At the top of the checks table, you’ll see a few options for filtering and finding specific checks. You can filter by:

  • Check name

  • Category: for example Content SEO or Level A accessibility.

  • Status: open or closed.

  • Assignee: the user or user role who has been assigned responsibility for the check.

  • Progress: the progress toward resolving all open issues.

How to prioritize checks

Checks are ordered by priority in the checks table, with the highest priority checks appearing at the top of the list.

Check priorities range from:

  • Red circle (highest priority)

  • Orange triangle

  • Yellow square

  • Grey hexagon (lowest priority)

The check details screen

To view a description and more help content such as video guides, select any check from the results list.

On the check details screen you will find a prioritized list of individual issues and affected pages across the website.

View individual issues

To view specific issues in context on your web page, select the magnifying glass icon next to any issue in the list to open the Silktide Inspector.

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