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The first screen you see when you view a website is the Website Overview. This is your jumping-off point to access detailed information about this website.

The website overview looks like this (you may see fewer sections, depending on what modules you have purchased):

  • Navigation – on the left-hand side are the modules of the report – click one to explore it.

  • Summary scores – the circles in the middle are the summary scores for different modules of the website. These scores range from 0 – 100, with higher numbers being better.

  • Screenshots – the screenshots on the right-hand side show the homepage for this website on both a desktop and mobile device. This is helpful for ensuring you’re seeing the right website, and that it is up-to-date.

  • Number of pages tested – below the screenshots is a short description of how many pages were tested by Silktide. If the page was limited due to the maximum number of pages allowed for testing, it will be displayed underneath the number of pages and documents tested.

  • Checks – at the bottom is a list of checks for this website. Checks are sorted with the most severe check listed first.

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