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What is different between the Silktide Toolbar and the Silktide platform?
What is different between the Silktide Toolbar and the Silktide platform?
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Why are there differences?

The Silktide Toolbar runs in your browser, while the Silktide platform runs on a server. Because we're testing your pages by different methods, there are a few differences in the test results, which are detailed here.

Mobile testing

Currently, the Silktide Toolbar cannot simulate a mobile device. This is because it is running in your own web browser, which is not a mobile device. Although we may be able to run a different kind of simulation at some point, our existing emulation tech cannot be used in this way, and only works in the full Silktide platform.

WCAG 2.1

Because we cannot simulate mobile, we do not have the ability to test two checks covering one WCAG 2.1 Success Criterion that depend upon it:

  • 1.4.10 - Reflow

    • Ensure pages don't scroll in two dimensions on small screens

    • Ensure pages don't require zooming and 2D scrolling on small screens

WCAG 2.2

The Silktide Toolbar can’t currently run all of the WCAG 2.2 checks that the Silktide platform can.

This is because these checks perform advanced modifications to the focus and layout of a page, in a way that we cannot directly port into a browser.

The checks for 2.4.11 and 2.4.12 also depend on the page being a consistent size, which it is not while using a user’s browser window.

  • 2.4.11 - Focus Not Obscured (Minimum)

    • Ensure focus is not fully obscured

  • 2.4.12 - Focus Not Obscured (Enhanced)

    • Ensure focus is not partly obscured

  • 2.4.13 - Focus Appearance

    • Ensure controls clearly indicate when they are selected

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