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What is the Silktide Toolbar?
What is the Silktide Toolbar?
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The Silktide Toolbar allows you to test any web page for over 200 WCAG issues.

The toolbar gives you straightforward, step-by-step guidance on how to improve the page for your users. Disability simulations within the Silktide Toolbar can help your team understand the impact of poor accessibility on people. You can use the Silktide Toolbar to test nearly any web page, including those internal to your organization.

Currently, the Silktide Toolbar is available as a browser extension for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Best of all, the Silktide Toolbar is free to anyone that wants to use it!

What can it do?

The Silktide Toolbar can check for over 200 accessibility issues on your site. It provides simple explanations to help you understand the issue at hand and how it can be solved.

The Silktide Toolbar also contains several tools to help you test your web page:

  • The color contrast checker can help you identify issues with adjacent colors on your web page.

  • The screen reader simulator can give you a basic understanding of how users of this assistive technology would use your web page.

  • The alternative text viewer can quickly show you which images on your page have text descriptions that sufficiently convey their meaning.

  • Disability simulations in the Silktide Toolbar can help you understand how your page could be experienced by someone with dyslexia, color blindness, or impaired vision.

In addition to these, Silktide customers have even more tools to use in the Silktide Toolbar.

How do I get started?

Our installation guide can help you get the Silktide Toolbar added to your browser.

We also have a quick-start guide you can use that walks you through the Silktide Toolbar so that you're ready to start fixing your website.

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