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How do I install the Silktide Toolbar?
How do I install the Silktide Toolbar?
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The Silktide Toolbar can be installed on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge web browsers. This article will walk you through the installation steps for both browsers.


  1. Find the Silktide Accessibility Checker extension in the Chrome Web Store.

    1. In Chrome, select the "Add to Chrome" button.

    2. In Edge, select the "Get" button.

  2. Your browser will alert you to the permissions needed by the extension. Select "Add extension" to complete the installation.

  3. Once you've installed the Silktide Toolbar, look for a puzzle-piece icon within your browser or the "Extensions" settings within your browser. There, you'll be able to pin a shortcut to the Silktide Toolbar for easy access.

Toolbar permissions

When installing the Silktide Toolbar, you will get a message stating the toolbar may "Block content on any page". When you test a web page with the toolbar, the toolbar may make minor changes to your view of the web page. These changes are made so that we can show the Silktide Toolbar alongside the web page you are testing.

When testing a web page, the Silktide Toolbar will only modify your view of the page. The toolbar cannot make permanent changes to any web page, and your use of the toolbar will not alter someone else's experience of the web page. Additionally, the Silktide Toolbar will only affect pages that you test, while you're testing them.

Next Steps

After following the installation steps above, you're ready to start testing your website!

Read our quick-start guide to learn more about the tools available within the Silktide Toolbar.

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