What are policies?
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What are policies?

Policies are custom checks that Silktide performs on your websites. They allow you to enforce consistency across your websites by checking for specific elements or patterns.

If there's a check that Silktide doesn't include by default, you can likely add it using a policy.

How to use policies

There are three ways you can add policies to your website:

Choose an existing policy

Silktide has a policy library with pre-made policies that you can choose from and apply to your website immediately.

Create your own policy

You can create your own custom policy to check for specific elements or patterns on your website.

Ask Silktide to build a policy for you

If you're not sure how to create a policy or if you need a more complex policy, you can ask Silktide to build one for you.

Applying policies to websites

Policies can be added to individual websites or to many websites. This flexibility allows you to enforce consistency across all of your websites or focus on specific areas that need attention.

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