What are Tasks?
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Tasks are an easy way to see and manage all open/unresolved issues on your websites.

How to find your Tasks

To view a complete list of open tasks, click on the Tasks link at the top of the page.

On the Tasks screen you will find a prioritized list of all checks across all modules, for every website that you have access to.

Tasks are organized by check, so you might see something like “Check and fix misspellings for 4 websites” if you have multiple websites or sections with unresolved spelling errors.

To view the website(s) with open issues, click on the check name in the task table.

To view the list of open issues for a website, click on the website or section name inside the check dropdown.

Filtering tasks

Your task list can be filtered, for example to find tasks that have been assigned to you, or to find the tasks related to a particular website or section. You can also filter tasks by category/module, for instance to view all tasks related to Accessibility or Content.

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