What are Decisions
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You will find a range of decision buttons beside an issue, either on the check details screen or inside the inspector.

These allow you to make decisions to ignore or approve an issue, for example by approving an unrecognized spelling.

Making decisions

Depending on the issue and your user permissions, you may see a range of decision buttons.

Taking a spelling issue as our example, selecting the Learn button would add this spelling to your account dictionary and prevent us from flagging the same word elsewhere.

If more advanced options are available, they can be chosen by selecting the down arrow. These options will change depending on the issue displayed.

Undoing decisions

You can always undo your decisions. For example if you approve a spelling, you will be shown an explanatory message with a link to undo the decision in case the button was selected accidentally.

If you miss that notification, you can always view a complete list of your decisions on the Decisions screen and undo it later.

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