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Decisions screen
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This screen lists the decisions for a given report, or part of a report. Decisions are manual choices you make about a website, such as if you decide to ignore a page, or approve the spelling of a given word.

The Decisions screen shows what decisions were made, who made them, and at what time. You can also undo any past decision immediately (there’s no need to re-run a report after undoing a decision). Once a decision has been undone, you can still view what that decision was by clicking the Past switch in the top-right corner of the decisions table.

You can choose one of three options for viewing decisions:

  • All decisions – shows all decisions

  • Approved – shows decisions where something was approved, e.g. spellings, or page titles

  • Ignored – shows decisions where something was ignored, e.g. a page or check

Depending on your organization, you may wish to periodically check your decisions are appropriate, as they can be abused in order to artificially inflate your scores.

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