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The Silktide Academy
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The Silktide Academy is a fantastic resource if you're keen on learning about Silktide through short, engaging videos.


Whether you're just getting started or looking to dive deeper into specific topics, we've got you covered with a range of courses tailored to your needs.

Getting started

New to Silktide? Our Getting started course is designed to help you hit the ground running.

We'll walk you through the basics and show you how to make the most of Silktide's powerful features.

Intro to Accessibility

Want to make your website more accessible to everyone? Our Intro to Accessibility course is the perfect place to start.

You'll learn what accessibility is, why it's important, and how you can use Silktide to improve your website's accessibility.

The Content module

Ready to take your website's content to the next level? Our Content module course offers an in-depth look at how to use Silktide's Content module to enhance your website.

You'll discover tips and tricks for creating compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Policies & sections

Have a large website with multiple sections? Our Policies & sections course is just what you need.

Learn how to set up custom checks and policies, and how to break your website down into separate sections. This is especially useful for managing test results for different groups of pages.

Don't be afraid of...

Confused by accessibility concepts and issues? Our Don't be afraid of... series features short videos that demystify common accessibility topics.

You'll gain a better understanding of accessibility and feel more confident in addressing accessibility issues on your website.

Ready to start learning? Enroll in an Academy course.

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