How to take an Academy course
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If you prefer to learn about Silktide using short videos, our Silktide Academy offers a variety of courses to help you get the hang of Silktide or learn more about accessibility.

How to take a course

To take any course:

1. Access the Academy

Select the icon in the top right corner of the screen and select 'Academy'. You'll see a list of available courses.

2. Choose a course

Select the course that interests you, then select the 'Take this course' button.

3. Start learning

To begin your first lesson, select the blue 'Start first lesson' button. From this point, what you see will vary depending on the course. Just follow the instructions on each screen. If there's a video, make sure to watch it till the end to complete the lesson.

4. Test your knowledge

After completing a lesson, you might be asked some questions to test what you've learned.

5. Take your time

Don't worry if you can't finish a course in one go. You can leave and come back whenever you want. Your progress is saved automatically.

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