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Understanding Views in Silktide
Understanding Views in Silktide
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In Silktide, Views are a handy tool to help you focus on specific parts of a website report. They're especially useful for different user roles, as they can highlight the most relevant areas for each role, making it easier to find actionable items.

If you're an admin user or someone with access to multiple report views, you can choose your view by selecting your profile picture in the top navigation, then selecting a view option from the dropdown menu.

Default views

These are pre-set Views that Silktide has created to cater to the most common user roles in a team. They help streamline the process of analyzing website reports by focusing on the most relevant areas for each role.

This way, whether you're a Manager, an Editor, or a Developer, you can quickly find the information you need without having to sift through unrelated data. It's all about making your job easier and more efficient.

Manager view

This view is designed for website managers. It shows all report results and checks.

Editor view

Tailored for content editors, this view focuses on the Content module of the report. It highlights actionable items typically handled by a content editor, for example:

  • Spelling errors

  • Grammar mistakes

  • Broken links

  • Content accessibility issues

  • Content SEO issues

Developer view

This view is for developers. It narrows down the report to actionable items for your technical team, for example:

  • Missing JavaScript files, CSS files or images

  • Technical accessibility issues

  • Technical SEO issues

  • Security/SSL issues

Custom views

If you need a custom view, please email your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager or send a message to our support team using the chatbox.

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