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Who should use Silktide?
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Silktide is a flexible tool that should be used by different roles within your web team.

We don't limit the number of users you can add and there is no charge for adding them, so it's worth considering the people in your organization who could benefit from using the platform and which levels of access or training they might need.

Common roles

Here are some common roles and how they might use Silktide:

Website managers

Those with direct responsibility for a website should ideally have full access and training for the Silktide platform. It's recommended that they are made Silktide administrators.

Content editors/CMS users

These are individuals who create and edit pages within your website. They often contribute a lot of content to your website, but they may not be technically knowledgeable. Silktide's automated checks ensure these users don’t inadvertently cause issues, without the need for extensive training or policing of policies.

It's usually recommended that these users are set up to only see non-technical checks that could impact them, such as spelling errors and broken links. This can be done by configuring Views.

Digital marketers

Individuals responsible for digital or online marketing will typically use Silktide to measure and optimize their SEO and user experience. They can set up keyword and search campaigns to monitor and review their performance over time. They may also consider looking at content and accessibility issues, if these are within their responsibility.


These are technical staff responsible for programming, hosting, and supporting the website. They usually have a distinct role from people who produce the content or design the website itself. It's usually recommended that developers are given access and training for most of the Silktide platform, and set up with a range of alerts for websites they are responsible for.

If you are concerned with marketing or accessibility, it's recommended that Silktide provides your developers with specialist expert training.

Website/UX designers

These are generally non-technical staff responsible for the visual appearance of your websites and web applications. They rarely have direct control over the website itself, but their work often goes through a developer to be turned into working webpages.

If you are concerned with accessibility, it's recommended that designers attend a short Silktide training session to highlight accessibility concerns that will impact their work.

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