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How does Silktide's AI work?
How does Silktide's AI work?
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Silktide’s AI can dramatically accelerate how fast your team can solve problems. However, as with all AI, it is important to acknowledge some limitations your need for privacy.

Your privacy

  • Silktide records conversations to enhance your experience and improve the AI's performance.

  • To ensure your privacy, refrain from discussing personal, confidential, or sensitive information during these interactions.

  • Parts of your data are shared with OpenAI for processing. See below for details.

Limitations of AI

  • AI isn't flawless and can make occasional errors. Consider checking important information.

  • AI may lack certain nuance or context. It only has access to parts of your individual webpages, and doesn’t understand your entire website or organization.

Data our AI has access to

Depending on the features you are using, our AI may have access to:

  • Parts of the webpage you have tested:

    • HTML code

    • Text content

    • Technical data about the page, e.g. colors of text, or styles of buttons

    • Specific issues that are reported with the page

  • Your preference for level of detail (e.g. “Non-technical” or “Developer”)

We purposely do not share Personally Identifiable Information, such as your name, or email address.

How your data is used

Some data used by Silktide’s AI features is sent to OpenAI for processing. Our agreement with OpenAI ensures that your data will not be used to train their model.

Here’s how this works for our Ask AI feature:

  1. Select the Ask AI button, next to an issue.

  2. Data about the specific issue you have is sent to OpenAI, including some or all of the code or text on the webpage you are viewing. The specific information passed varies, depending on what is needed to understand and explain the issue.

  3. OpenAI considers the information provided and returns a response.

  4. The response is shown inside Silktide.

  5. If you ask a follow up question, the process is repeated, but the text you provided is also sent to OpenAI for further processing.

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