How to use Ask AI
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To use Ask AI, open a single webpage inside the Silktide Inspector and then view a specific issue. For example, you might view a spelling error:

Every issue shown on the left-hand side sidebar now has an “Ask AI” button next to it:

Simply click this button to opens a sidebar, where AI will explain the specific issue you’re seeing, and how to fix it:

Silktide uses cutting-edge AI to consider your specific code, text, images, and to explain the specific problem you are experiencing.

Silktide knows about your CMS and related technologies. So for example, if your website uses Wordpress and the Yoast plugin, our AI can tell you how to fix problems with those.

You can also reply to the AI to ask follow up questions.

Follow up questions can help you resolve unusually tricky problems, for instance if Silktide gives you code to fix an accessibility issue, but the change impacts your design in a way you don’t like. You can ask Silktide AI to make those changes to better suit your design tastes.

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