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How to enable Silktide’s AI
How to enable Silktide’s AI
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Ask AI can be enabled by a Silktide account administrator.

Before you enable Silktide’s AI

You should understand how Silktide's AI works before accepting. In particular, bear in mind:

  • Silktide records conversations to enhance your experience and improve the AI's performance

  • Some of your website’s code will be sent to OpenAI (an approved 3rd party) for processing

  • Our agreement with OpenAI ensures that your data will not be used to train their model

How to enable Silktide’s AI

The first time an administrator chooses to use Silktide’s AI, they will be given the option to enable it for the whole account. Once this is done, everyone within the account will have access.

  • View any webpage inside Silktide in our Inspector

  • Select any issue in the sidebar

  • Select the Ask AI button next to that issue

  • You will be asked whether you wish to enable AI

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