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Silktide AEM User Guide
Silktide AEM User Guide
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What does Silktide do?

Silktide allows you to test your pages before and after they are published, to ensure your website maintains a high standard.

Tests cover:

  • Spelling, grammar, and readability

  • Broken links

  • Accessibility

  • SEO

  • Custom policies for your organization

  • And much more

With the AEM extension, Silktide is accessible within AEM, so you can test pages before you publish them.

Testing a page when you edit it

  • Edit any page in AEM as normal

  • Click on the Silktide icon at the top (looks like a letter S, made from geometric shapes):

  • A Silktide panel will open. If the page has been tested before, you will see the most recent scores for it:

  • Press the Quick scan button to test the page. Depending on the page and your computer, this will typically take around 20 seconds.

  • Once tested, you will be shown the page inside Silktide like so:

  • You can click on the issues on the left to explore them in more detail. The most important issues are listed first.

  • You can close this tab at any time to go back to AEM. The scores shown inside the Silktide panel will update immediately.

Testing a page when you publish it

Silktide automatically re-tests pages when they are published via AEM, if this has been configured.

This means that if you publish a page, Silktide will update their report with the latest findings from that page, and update the scores for your website and sections automatically.

If this doesn’t work for you, please speak with your Silktide or AEM administrator, and confirm that AEM has been configured to do this.

Editing a page from inside Silktide

When Silktide mentions a page, there will be a CMS button allowing you to jump straight into AEM for that specific page.

This appears in tables, like this:

And when viewing a page inside the Inspector, in the top-right corner:

After pressing a CMS button, you will be asked to login to AEM if you haven’t already.

Download Silktide’s AEM integration

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