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Within Silktide, a search campaign is a collection of keywords and the geographic locations that they target. They help you divide long lists of keywords into groups that are easier for people to work with.

For example, you could have a campaign called “Web design” with these keywords:

  • Web design

  • Web designer

  • Web agency

This campaign could then specify the number of geographic locations where they target, such as “London, England” and “Edinburgh, Scotland”.

Silktide will then automatically measure the ranking of each of these keywords for each of their locations. So in this example, Silktide will monitor all of these:

  1. Web design (in London)

  2. Web design (in Edinburgh)

  3. Web designer (in London)

  4. Web designer (in Edinburgh)

  5. Web agency (in London)

  6. Web agency (in Edinburgh)

(Silktide also checks each of these in both desktop and mobile searches, so the real list is twice as long).

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