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Realtime screen
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The realtime screen shows you activity that is happening on a website right now. Information is updated every few seconds.

The top graph shows you visitors or page views over the last 30 minutes or so, with a count of the visitors in the last 5 minutes on the right.

Then we have Top Pages, which list the top 5 pages by the number of visitors. Which content is popular right now? The map shows you where the current visitors live, and can be changed to show the top 4 countries or regions. If you’re a global business, you may see this changing based on time zones.

Sources shows you how your current visitors found your site. You’ll see sources like Google, for those coming from search or paid ads, and perhaps social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

The last graph shows you popular browser sizes in a pie chart, so you can get percentages of current visitors using desktop, mobile, or tablets. You can also get a list of popular browsers and operating systems by the number of visitors.

You can click the View more button under the tables to go to a dedicated screen for that information historically rather than in real-time.

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