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An entrance page is the very first page that a visitor saw when they arrived at your website. This table gives you a list of every entrance page, how many times visitors started on this page, the duration of time spent on the page, and the average scroll.

Why it matters

While one might assume that all visitors would be starting on your homepage, that often isn’t the case. Users may have been directed to a specific page, whether it’s an ad, or even a friend linking them to a specific page in your site (blog posts, items for sale, etc.)

Top tip: When a page is not linked to anywhere else on the site but is used as an entrance page for advertising campaigns, we call it a landing page. While all landing pages are entrance pages, not all entrance pages are landing pages.

How to use it

Keep an eye on this, because it’s an insight into not only how people are finding you, but you can load those pages yourself and think about what the experience would be if you find yourself there and not on the homepage.

It might, for example, be a person’s very first interaction with your organization, so consider how this would look as a first impression. This is especially important for entrance pages with high traffic.

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