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Content SEO
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The content SEO section is designed to allow content editors to fix SEO issues that are non-technical in nature.

It includes tests for alternative text (which should be added to images), page headings (which are required for screen reader compatibility), readability, and meta information.

Why it matters

Better SEO helps your website rank more highly in search engines. The content you produce directly affects your visibility.

  • Do my images contain alternative text that is seen in Google Image search?

  • Does my content have headings that show prominently in the SERPs?

  • Do my pages have appropriate meta descriptions?

How to use it

Silktide lists any content that appears to be poorly optimized for SEO in a table:

You can view a list of issues or a list of pages by clicking on the appropriate heading.

Issues are listed in the highest priority order. Each issue has a total number discovered and a progress bar indicating how close you are to fixing them.

Detail view

The information in the Detail View for each issue is contextual.

To get to the Detail View, click an issue’s name. The example below is for the ‘Ensure every page contains a top-level heading‘ test.

Depending on the content, you can click on:

  • Magnifying glass – this opens the Inspector, which shows you where the issue appears on a page.

  • The page title – this also opens the Inspector

  • URL – this opens the page on your site where the issue is found

  • Ignore page– this will ignore this missing title for this page

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