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Does Silktide work with Single Sign-On (SSO)?
Does Silktide work with Single Sign-On (SSO)?
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Yes, Silktide offers SSO. Getting SSO set up with Silktide is a simple process that will require some effort from both IT teams.


  • Silktide only supports Service Provider Initiated login flow.

  • Silktide uses the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) authorization standard only.

  • The user’s email address must be the NameID field.

  • Premier or higher service level. If you do not have this, speak with your Account Manager.

  • Permission from your IT Security Desk to enable SSO.


  • Decide if Auto-Provisioning is right for you.

  • If using Auto-Provisioning choose the default permission role(s).

  • Which email domains should be permitted to use this SSO configuration? (e.g.,

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