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Migrating to Silktide's new IP addresses
Migrating to Silktide's new IP addresses
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No action is required if you are not using a Silktide proxy or do not require IP whitelisting.

We're introducing a new proxy solution that changes the dedicated IP addresses Silktide previously used.

This article will guide you through how to migrate from the old proxy solution to the new.

Step 1: Check if you need to take action

If you rely on the UK (London) proxy to provide a fixed IP address for the Silktide checker, for example to bypass firewalls, you’ll need to continue reading this guide.

To see if this impacts you, you can:

  1. Navigate to your website settings area inside Silktide.

  2. Select the Advanced option in the Website Settings sidebar.

  3. Check the “Proxy location” field shows UK (London).

If it does not, no further action is required.


Example of Advanced Website Settings area for the Demo Website with the UK (London) Proxy location enabled.

Step 2: Remove old IPs from your whitelist

If any of these 4 IP addresses are present in your whitelists, you should remove them:





Step 3: Update your whitelist

We're offering two new proxy options:

  1. EU (Dublin), which uses the following IP addresses:



  2. US (Ohio), which uses the following IP addresses:



If you're in the US region, we recommend choosing the US (Ohio) proxy. If you're using our EU region, choose the EU (Dublin) proxy.

Choosing the right option for your region can provide speed benefits for the website scanner.

Step 4: Set your proxy in Silktide

Update the Proxy location setting in Silktide with your chosen proxy.

  1. Navigate to the websites settings inside Silktide for any website needing to use the new proxy solution.

  2. Select Advanced from the Website Settings sidebar

  3. Update the field “Proxy location”

  4. Select “Save”

  5. Repeat for all websites in your account that use this proxy.

Migration Timeline

Please take note of the following timeline to ensure a smooth migration:

  • 19th February: Newly created websites will no longer be able to choose the UK (London) or US (Random) proxy. Existing websites will still support this.

  • 1st April: The UK (London) and US (Random) proxies will be retired.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the support team immediately.

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