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Why has my score changed when my website hasn’t?
Why has my score changed when my website hasn’t?
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If your score has changed from one month to the next, yet you have made no changes to your site, this can be due to a range of possible reasons.

Our checks can change over time

We’re constantly improving Silktide’s testing technology. This means that, from time to time, the way in which we assign scores can change slightly.

This may be the result of us testing new aspects of your site or a change in the way we look at things.

The pages we see first can change

We choose which pages to test according to some predefined rules, but we don’t guarantee to test the same pages each month. This can affect your scores.

To be sure of accurate results across your whole site, consider purchasing Silktide to gain access to our full platform, which allows you to test everything across all your sites.

A website can change by itself

Even if you don’t make changes to your site yourself, it can still change.

For example, some third-party plugins can change, or other date-specific or randomized sections of your site can change.

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