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How does the Silktide Index choose which pages to sample?
How does the Silktide Index choose which pages to sample?
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Reports created from January 2023

Pages are chosen based on the length of their URL. We prefer shorter URLs based on the number of characters in their URL, for example:



This methodology accounts for all reports created from January 2023 onwards.

For reports created before January 2023

Older reports chose the URLs slightly differently, so we include that information here for reports before December 2022:

We conducted a breadth-first scan of the first pages in each website, starting from their homepage and up to the page number limits we set for each category.

Pages were chosen as follows:

  1. Pages with fewer forward slashes in their URL were tested first. For example,
    โ€‹ would have been tested before

  2. Where pages had the same number of slashes, the pages which were encountered first on each page were tested first, for example the links displayed at the top of your homepage, followed by links lower down, and so on.

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