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A scroll map is a measure of how far users are scrolling down your page.

Why it matters

If users aren’t scrolling down your page, that means they aren’t engaging with the full content of the page. If you’re seeing a drop-off partway down the page, you will want to look at what is just above it so you can try to improve the experience for the user and get more engagement with the content.

How to use scroll maps

The colors flow along the rainbow from red to blue to show you more attention to less attention, and you can hover your mouse over the scroll map to see the percentages for that point on the page.

If blog posts aren’t being scrolled, maybe the opening paragraph isn’t compelling. If your homepage isn’t being scrolled, consider what is visible when a user loads the page on some typical screen sizes, and whether it’s clear that there is more content further down the page.

Scroll maps overview (video)

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