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Frustration is a way to measure the user experience not meeting expectations. It measures user actions that have no results. This includes button clicks that do nothing, or users clicking on your page where they might expect something to happen

Why it matters

Frustrating your users is a surefire way to make them look elsewhere. Rage clicks are usually followed by the person leaving your site, often never returning.

How to use it

Frustration maps show you each click that results in no action.

You might discover that a piece of text or an image receives many clicks. Perhaps there is some ambiguity as to what is supposed to happen.

For example, you might have an email address listed on your site in the text, but it’s not a link. You’ll probably find that people are clicking it expecting to be able to send an email.

If you see this, then you can change it to a link and match the user’s expectations.

Look at your frustration maps for key pages and journeys on your website and you may uncover users performing actions you had not considered.

If users are clicking on non-interactive content, this is your chance to “meet them halfway” and make adjustments to your site and content to have it perform the way they expect.

Silktide will automatically find pages with high numbers of frustration events and list them for you.

Frustration overview (video)

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