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How to synchronize websites and sections
How to synchronize websites and sections
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To get to the synchronization settings for an analytics property, go to Analytics, click on the property you want to configure, and look at its Overview screen. Click on the Settings button in the top right, and then choose Synchronize from the navigation list on the left.

This area gives you a list of the sections that are available to set up as segments in Analytics, including the main report for the website. We recommend that you keep analytics sync’ed for the main report as this maintains a connection between the two. Syncing the analytics property to the website or section allows Silktide to pull analytics data into your website report, like the number of page views for a given page. Without the website/analytics synchronization, this isn’t possible.

If you add a new section to the site, you will find it here but it will require you to check the boxes and update if you want to include the new section. We strongly advise that you are certain the section is pulling the pages you need before you synchronize it in Analytics.

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