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To get to the segments settings for an analytics property, go to Analytics, select the property you want to configure, and look at its Overview screen. Select the Settings button in the top right, and then choose Segments from the navigation list on the left.

This area lets you add segments and edit existing ones. One of the most important settings in this area is a checkbox that allows you to enable or stop recording analytics data for that segment.

To edit a segment, click on the segment in the list. This shows you the rules engine for this segment, and if it’s new, a warning that it is not recording data yet with a button you can click to start recording when you are ready.

The rules engine is similar to what you use for defining sections in a website. Once you have set up your rule (or rules) to define the segment, you can click on ‘start recording.’

If you click on the settings button in the top right of the Segment rules, it will take you to the Edit segment area where you can change the name for the segment and select or unselect a checkbox for recording analytics data for that segment. You must click on the save button for changes made here to take effect.

To create a brand-new segment, make sure you’re on the Segments screen and click on + New segment. Here you will be prompted to choose a name for the segment and save. That takes you back to the list and the rest works the same way.

To delete a segment, click on the X at the right edge of the table row for the segment you want to remove. Note that you cannot remove the “whole property” segment unless you want to delete the analytics property entirely.

How segments work (video)

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