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How to configure advanced analytics settings
How to configure advanced analytics settings
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Configuring advanced analytics settings in Silktide is straightforward. Start by navigating to the Analytics screen, select the property you want to configure and then select Settings in the top right.

Under Advanced settings, you can adjust various options such as prohibited IP addresses, file extensions tracked as downloads and bot tracking options.

Prohibited IPs

Block specific IP addresses, like your office, to refine your data. Add one per IP address line.

Download extensions

Define the file types being tracked on the Downloads screen. This is the list of file extensions that will be recorded as a download when clicked on by a site visitor.

Allow bots

By default, bot traffic is ignored to provide cleaner data, affecting visitor and page view counts.

This should clean up your data and make it more useful, however it can mean that your overall visitor numbers and page view counts will be lower than in other platforms.

Exclude URL fragments

It's generally advised not to count URL fragments as separate pages in your analytics. Unless your site needs them to load pages properly, we recommend that you do not include these as separate pages in your analytics property.

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