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How can I reset my password?
How can I reset my password?
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If you've forgotten your password or are otherwise unable to access your Silktide account, our password reset form can be used to create a new password.

Resetting your password

To reset your user account password, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your email address.

  2. Select the Continue button.

  3. Select the Forgot password? link.

  4. Ensure the email is correct.

  5. Select the Continue button.

If the email address matches a valid Silktide user, Silktide will send an email containing a link to a time-limited password reset form.

Expired password creation links

When a Silktide account is created, we send a setup email with a link to a time-limited password creation form.

If a password isn't created within 24 hours from the time the email was sent, the link will expire and the account holder will need to manually trigger a new password link.

To do this, account holders should follow the same process as for a forgotten password.

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