Link rule (policies)
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The link rule matches links on webpages with specific criteria.

Example uses

  • Find links to a specific website or web address.

  • Find links containing specific text.

  • Ensure links to external websites include “external link” in their link text.

  • Ensure that no links open in new tabs.

Supported options

  • Link URL – optionally the absolute URL that the link points to. You can match any part of the URL.

  • Link text – optionally the text label of the link. This includes alternative text and ARIA text.

  • Opens in – optionally whether the link opens in a new tab or the current tab.

  • Points to – optionally check for links to pages inside or outside of the current website. This allows you to make general rules which can be re-used for multiple websites, without having to explicitly state the URLs for each.

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