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What is a Full scan?

A Full scan covers every one of Silktide’s checks. It gives results identical to testing a page in the Inspector, and the scoring will match what you have inside a full report.

Full scans are relatively slow (about 30 seconds per page), and are usually excessive for day-to-day checks, but are recommended if you’re making substantial changes to the code of a template.

For changes to content, we recommend a Quick scan.

Testing private pages

Full scans can only be run on pages on the public Internet.

This means that if you gave the web address of the page you were testing to a complete stranger, they would be able to view it on the public Internet. For example, if the page requires a login or is hosted on a private network, then you can’t run a full scan on it.

In contrast, Quick scans can test private pages, including pages before they are published.

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