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Using the browser extension
Using the browser extension
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To open the extension at any time, click on the Silktide logo (“S”) in the top-right corner of Chrome. (If you don’t see this icon, review the extension installation instructions).

This will open a panel like so:

You can toggle between Quick scan and Full scan here. These are different ways of testing a webpage – quick is faster (around 7 seconds), but skips a few tests.

The Full scan includes everything Silktide can do, but is slower (around 30 seconds).

We recommend Quick scans for most users working with content.

To test the page you’re looking at, press either the “Quick scan” or “Full scan” button. You’ll be shown progress as results are calculated:

Once complete, results are shown in the Inspector, as they are elsewhere inside Silktide.

You can explore results on the left-hand side, and they will be highlighted on the page on the right-hand side.

Once a page has been tested, its scores will appear inside the Browser Extension, like so:

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