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How do heatmaps work with dropdown menus?
How do heatmaps work with dropdown menus?
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Silktide Analytics heatmaps work with dropdown menus, accordions, and lots of other expanding content, by keeping the clicks within context. When viewing a click map, you can click on any of the clicks listed on the left navigation and if it is in expanded content, it will automatically open the relevant area and show you the clicks in context. You can also interact with the page in the inspector, so you can hover your mouse over an expanding menu to open it and see the clicks inside it.

Here are some images to help illustrate how this works. This is a screenshot of a click map for a page. There are a few floating blue dots along the H1, and one on the Resources menu option.

If I hover my mouse over the Resources menu option, it opens the menu and you can see that the clicks here don’t include the blue dots on the H1, but instead are all within the context of the expanded menu.

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