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How to test location-specific websites
How to test location-specific websites
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Some websites are only accessible from specific geographic locations. For example, a shopping website may redirect visitors to a website for their specific country, like: -> ->

By default Silktide tests websites from the region your account is set up in. If a website is inaccessible from that region, Silktide will be unable to test it.

To get around this, you can ask Silktide to test your website from a different geographic location:

  • View the affected website

  • Click Settings

  • Click Advanced

  • Select a different country under Proxy location

This will run all of Silktide’s traffic via a proxy server. Any requests from Silktide are passed to the proxy server to the website being tested, and back again. The proxy server is located in a different country, so the website thinks it is being accessed from that country.

Note that testing with a proxy server is slower, due to the overhead of passing all data through the proxy.

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