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How to specify languages used by a website
How to specify languages used by a website
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Silktide needs to know the language or languages that a given website uses, such as US English or Argentine Spanish. The specific version of a language you use matters, as for example US and British English disagree on whether “color” is spelt with a “u”.

When you first add a website

When you first add a website you will be asked to specify what languages the website uses. You can select as many languages as you need, but if your website contains too many languages you should consider breaking it up into more manageable sections.

Updating an existing website

  1. View the website you want to update.

  2. Click Settings in the top right corner.

  3. Click Languages in the sidebar.

  4. Enter the desired languages in the box provided. As you type, matching languages will be shown – you can click on any of these to add them to your list.

How languages affect Silktide

The spelling and grammar tests rely on your language settings. They look at each page in turn and attempt to guess which language the page is using, within the list of languages you specify. So if you specify US English and Argentine Spanish, they will only check one of those. If you omit a language, Silktide will guess the wrong language, and incorrectly flag a page as containing a high number of spelling errors.

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