How to use Benchmarks
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What are benchmarks?

Benchmarks help you set a goal for your website's accessibility score. This goal is based on how other websites in your industry are doing in terms of accessibility.

For example, if you're in the healthcare industry, your benchmark will compare your website's accessibility score to similar healthcare websites.

Depending on your goals for the website, the benchmark can be set to aim for the 90th, 50th, or 25th percentile of the Silktide Index scores in a particular category or industry.

Where to find benchmarks

You can view the benchmark on the Accessibility overview screen of your website. It will be displayed next to your website's overall Accessibility score.

If you've set a target score, the benchmark will be displayed beside it.

How to choose a benchmark level

You can choose different levels for your benchmark. These levels are the 90th, 50th, or 25th percentile of the Silktide Index scores.

  • 90th percentile: This is a high standard. If you aim for this, you want your website to be better than 90% of websites in your industry.

  • 50th percentile: This is the average standard. You aim to be better than half of the websites in your industry.

  • 25th percentile: This is a lower standard. You aim to be better than 25% of websites in your industry.

How to set your website benchmark

Benchmarks help you measure your website's performance against others in your industry.

To set a benchmark in Silktide, select your website, access its settings and then specify your goals based on industry standards.

1. Navigate to Websites

Select the Websites tab located at the top of the main navigation bar.

2. Choose your website

Pick the website for which you want to establish a benchmark.

3. Open settings

In the upper-right corner of the screen, just above the snapshot of your website's homepage, select Settings.

4. Fill out the benchmark form

Navigate down the Website Settings tab on the Settings screen until you find the box labeled Benchmarks.

Complete the form by setting the following criteria:

  1. Select your industry: Choose the industry that best represents your website for comparison purposes.

  2. Pick a percentile: Decide which percentile you aim to reach. Options include the 90th, 50th, or 25th percentile of websites within your chosen industry.

6. Save your settings

Don't forget to hit the Save button located at the bottom of the page to finalize your changes.

What's next?

After setting up a benchmark, consider creating some Targets to track your progress toward your goals over time.

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