How to find my active policies
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To see an overview of the policies available or being used, select Settings from the profile picture dropdown menu in the top-right of the screen. Then select the Policies tab in the left-side navigation.

Policies are custom rules and checks for a website. For example, policies can check for specific pieces of text, code, or more complex conditions.

To view results for a particular policy, select the policy name inside the list. Websites with the greatest number of results are shown first.

Policy results inside a website report

Policy results can also be found inside your website reports. Depending on the policy’s category, this will be under the module name (e.g. Content or Accessibility) > Checks > Custom checks.

The policy category settings can be found under Settings > Policies > [Policy name] > Settings.

Ignoring matches

Sometimes you won’t want to act on a match – for example, it may be highlighting something that isn’t a real problem.

If so, you can choose to ignore them in one of two ways:

  1. Click Ignore on an individual match. This will ignore that specific match on that specific page only.

  2. Click Ignore this page on the pages tab, or under the dropdown menu shown for an individual match. This will ignore all matches of this policy on this page, including any new matches that occur on that page in the future.

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