How to test JavaScript speed
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The configuration of Javascript within a webpage can greatly impact how visitors experience a webpage, and Javascript issues can lead to slow website speeds and other poor user experiences.

Silktide tests your website for a number of common Javascript issues, including slow-loading JS files. To see how your website performs:

  1. View the website that you would like to check

  2. Click into the User Experience module

  3. Click into the Checks screen on the left-hand side

Here you can see all checks that relate to how users experience your website.

In order to filter down to the checks that are specifically related to Javascript, select the magnifying glass icon at the top-right of the checks table and input “javascript”.

To see a page’s Javascript execution time, select the Reduce JavaScript execution time check, then select the Inspector icon next to a result.

Inside the Inspector, you will see the JS execution time in the information panel on the left-hand side.

With this information, you can make improvements to your website speed and track the impact on your user experience.

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