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What is WCAG?
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The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are an international standard for web accessibility. Adopted into law by the UK, EU, and United States among others, WCAG has become the de-facto standard for measuring and certifying website accessibility.

If your organization is in any way trying to become accessible, compliance with WCAG is almost guaranteed to be on your roadmap.

Silktide is designed to help you measure your WCAG compliance and work towards achieving it across all of your pages.

No one standard can hope to completely resolve the challenges that users with disabilities face using the web, but achieving WCAG compliance is an excellent first step towards achieving accessibility.

WCAG versions

  • WCAG 1.0 – released in 1999, and utterly superseded by subsequent versions. You shouldn’t use this standard.

  • WCAG 2.0 – released in 2008, and recently adopted by the United States for the latest version of Section 508 in January 2018.

  • WCAG 2.1 – released in 2018, and currently the latest version. This is the legal standard adopted by the UK and EU.

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