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Adjusting your page and PDF allowances
Adjusting your page and PDF allowances
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What are allowances?

Page and PDF allowances enable you to set the maximum number of pages and documents that will be tested by Silktide for a given website. If you would like to test your entire site, it’s best to set these allowances to be slightly larger than the total expected number of pages or documents on your site.

Restricting the number of pages being scanned by Silktide for a site can help you stay within your overall account limits for pages and PDFs.

Adjusting your page and PDF allowances

To adjust the maximum allowances for a website, you should first navigate to that site from the Websites screen. Once inside the website report, select the “Settings” link at the top right of the page.

From the Website Settings screen, find the section titled “Allowances”. This section contains fields for you to adjust both the page and PDF allowances for your site.

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