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When are uptime alerts triggered?
When are uptime alerts triggered?
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An alert is triggered if a change in website status has been detected.

If an uptime monitor does not receive a successful response from the server, it will alert you. Likewise, if the monitor was offline and has now come back online.

In addition to this, if your website takes longer than the maximum seconds specified to check, it will be classed as offline. This is also the case if the content specified in Page must contain HTML box cannot be found in the response, or the Page must not contain HTML content is returned.

How often do you send out alerts?

If your uptime monitor detects a change in status, an alert will be sent. If the website continuously goes offline and online, it will limit itself to one alert every 30 minutes until this has been resolved.

How often do you check the website is online?

We check your uptime monitor every 5 minutes.

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