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How to search results for specific webpages
How to search results for specific webpages
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Silktide lets you search pages on most screens, just by entering what you want in the search box:

By default, this searches page URLs and page titles, and matches any page containing either. For example, you could search for:

  • July – to find pages containing July in their title

  • web-design – to find pages containing web-design in their URL

  • /index.php – to find pages containing /index.php in their URL

  • http:// – to find non-SSL pages

  • https:// – to find SSL pages

Exact URL searches

Sometimes URL searches are broader than you would like. For example, if you searched for the page Silktide would return all pages containing that address, including pages like

You can search results for a specific page by including the web address in double quotes, e.g. "" will only return that exact web address.

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