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How to retest a website or section
How to retest a website or section
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To retest your website and update your scores, open the website report and click on the Retest button at the top of the report screen.

From the retesting window, select the website or the section(s) of the website that you’d like to retest.

You can also choose to retest a specific page or set of pages using the Test specific URLs tab. Make sure to use the full URL path, including http:// or https://.

How long will it take to retest?

Retest time varies and primarily depends on the total number of pages to retest and the website speed.

To give you a rough idea, an average sized website of 1000 pages should take 1-4 hours, while a larger website with 20,000 pages may take between 12-48 hours. A single page retest should finish within 30 seconds-2 minutes.

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