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Understanding Silktide AI credits
Understanding Silktide AI credits
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Silktide’s AI works on a credit model. You use credits when you ask our AI to think about something.

How are credits spent?

  • Each time the Ask AI button is selected, 1 credit is deducted from your allowance

  • Asking Ask AI a follow up question uses 1 credit

Your free credits

On 13th Dec 2023 Silktide gave every customer exactly 1,000 AI credits for free.

This allowance is intended solely to provide early access to our new AI capabilities.

\While we expect it will be sufficient for testing, we will roll out more options for credits in the near future.

Changes to this credit model

We may revise or replace our credit model in future, once we’ve learned from real-world use by our customers.

Buying more credits

Silktide are not currently offering more credits for sale, but we expect to offer this in the near future.

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